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Hiya folks and welcome to this week’s Disney news round up! Did you know that Disney California Adventure opened on this date in 2001? Back then the park had a different name . . . “Disney’s California Adventure.” Look the same to you? They removed the ‘s in 2005.

DCA was the centerpiece of a $1.4-billion expansion of what is now known as the Disneyland Resort. Disney expected overwhelming crowds on opening day, but they never showed up. In fact, for much of California Adventure’s early years, you could fire a cannon in the park without hitting anyone. DCA’s failure to launch was a frequent subject on MiceAge and the Disney Company finally had to admit defeat and spend nearly as much as the park originally cost to build Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and some additional “Place Making” to give the park a more Disney feel.

In 2012, Brady MacDonald of the LA Times wrote:

After more than a decade in existence and $1.1 billion in renovations, Disney California Adventure still probably needs another billion dollars in improvements before it can be worthy of the Disney name.

Five years after Brady wrote those words it could still be argued that DCA remains incomplete. What are your thoughts on DCA on its 16th birthday? Do you miss the S.S. Rustworthy, Superstar Limo, Bountiful Farms and Golden Dreams? Will the replacement of Tower of Terror with Guardians of the Galaxy fix this park for you?

Enough painful history . . . Read on for the latest in theme park news and discussion.

This Week’s Top Stories

Disneyland Photos & Rumors: Annual Pass Changes & Park Updates
Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort, today we look at all the changes and refurbishments going on during this slow season. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy your Disneyland Photo Update. Let’s start off with a rumor that will make some of you very happy and upset others.

Marvel Land News – DCA Expansion On The Way

Darth Daver touched a nerve this week with his Marvel Land News. Big changes are on the way to DCA. But not everyone is convinced that Disney is growing in the right direction. What do you think?

All things Disney!

DCA is now sweet 16, or are parts still a little sour?  We take a trip back to DCA 1.0 and ask why.  We have great video from 2 Dutch boys who visit Disneyland Anaheim for the 1st time.  We also want to know what ride or attraction at DL/DCA is the worst. ~ Aladdin

When do you think the rest of DCA 1.0 will be fixed? What would you like to change?
DCA just recently celebrated its 16th birthday, and Wow asks what part of DCA would you like to change, and what still needs to be fixed from DCA 1.0.

Worst attraction or ride at the Disneyland Resort
Grizzlyhead is asking what you think is the worst attraction/ride in Disneyland/DCA. Tell which top your list and why.

2 Dutch boys in Disneyland Anaheim
Unbelievelars visit the original Magic Kingdom for the 1st time, and put together this incredible video of their trip!

California Adventure 1.0 analysis
We take a quick look at where DCA started from, 16 years ago, and how it has changed over that time. What was the original entry area and Sunshine Plaza supposed to be? Why so few rides throughout DCA 1.0 ? How did the Bountiful Valley Farm area come to be? What were the original Districts in DCA? Do you remember what some of the first changes were to DCA?

Off Shore Parks

DLP planning surprises

MiceChatter Moderation has put together a nice review of their experiences while planning a trip to Disneyland Paris.

Japanese etiquette questions
Jabroniville has brought up an interesting topic about etiquette when visiting Tokyo Disneyland.

Food Trucks at HKDL
Asa brings us information about the Food Truck Pilot Scheme taking place outside the park promenade.

Podcasts & Videos

MiceChat Podcast – Disneyland Extra . . . Charge That Is: Happy 2017 from Disneyland, where the park wants to start charging you for FastPass. This is a juicy gossip-filled spectacular of Disney dish. Upcharge everything on the way to a Disney park near you. Star Wars and Marvel land news. And more nerdy fun than you can shake a stick at.

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Mousetalgia: This week, we review two new books ! First, we discuss “B-1st” by Disney artists Retta Scott and Woolie Reitherman, and we take a close at this interesting World War II-era proposed children’s book that never made it to publication – until 2016. We examine the exquisite art and cultural mores evidenced in this in-progress project that was never completed. Also, we look at “The Art of Moana,” and talk about the features, facts and imagery that the book presents about this Academy Award-nominated film. Next, we answer your questions, with topics including Candlelight Weekend expectations; adulting at Disneyland Resort and finding the best lounge; a surprise performance by the Mariachi Divas; preparing toddlers for the drama and excitement of a first trip to Walt Disney World; ideas for commemorating the successful viewing of every Disney animated feature; Disney’s ties to Hollywood’s Magic Castle; and a cautionary postscript to our stolen stroller story. Plus – show some Disney love this Valentine’s season with our tips and tricks!

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The Sweep Spot: In this episode we welcome back Disney historian and author Jim Korkis. We discuss the new offerings Disneyland had in the year 1967, including the new Tomorrowland, and Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a great look at both these areas and we know you will learn something new. Plus the latest in the Disneyland Current events. \

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Column Round-Up

Plus, don’t miss these other featured MiceChat columns!

Disneyland Paris – Disney Stars On Parade Concept Art
Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary starts March 26, 2017 and we have some fun news for you about the upcoming parade. The novelty of the day is the release of concept art, models and images of floats for the new Disney Stars on Parade. The units in the new parade are:

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